Sharon G.
26/04/2019 16:25
A full and wonderful day of both Nha Trang City and Countryside.  Our guide, Nguyen was one of the best parts of this tour. 
Sam S.
22/04/2019 18:01
Great Tour Service and less toursits spots. Thanks!
Mark F.
19/04/2019 10:39
Tam s fun to be with he takes you to the best places to see things and to learn about Ho Chi Minh City. We would strongly recommend him as a local guide in Saigon.
Andrew K.
17/04/2019 23:12
I can't say enough about Tony and his company: EXCELLENT & HONEST. 
Allan Wong
15/04/2019 16:47
Nguyen was a great guide. He gave our group a great tour with opportunity for pictures and explanations. Moreover, he also added some extra stops at the lreal ocal places depend on our need. Love it.
Dave F.
12/04/2019 19:53
Our guide - Tam had a great way of making us feel welcomed and comfortable. Highly recommended to everyone!
Rooney S.
11/04/2019 14:26
Our 4 day trip to Mekong Delta was perfect. All nice homestay, hotel and resorts and local activities. Thank you Tam for the knowledge and a great experience.
Ann M.
10/04/2019 09:15
All enjoyable and amazing. Must try!
Andrew H.
09/04/2019 00:09
Special thanks to Nguyen, Jack, Dai and Ton (maybe Thon) for a perfectly organised tour package to my wishes.
Saigon, Mekong Delta, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Hanoi tours were very interesting and great to my family.
HaLong bay overnight overnight bheautiful and next day cave amazing visit. Wonderful experience through Vietnam.
Wendy W.
08/04/2019 09:23
Fabulous tour package!!!
Gary E.
07/04/2019 09:41
It was an interesting off the beat path experience in 5 hours @ Ho Chzi Min City. 
Holte A.
06/04/2019 10:03
We had a fantastic day! We will for sure be recommending you to others and we wish you much success!